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5 reasons you should move to Houston, TX

Houston, Texas is the Lone Star state's most populated city - with a population of over two million people! It is also home to NASA's Johnson Space Center as well as the renowned Texas Medical Center - the world's highest concentration of healthcare and research institutions. Houston is also a major international player in the energy industry, ranking third in the country on Forbes' list of the "Best Cities for Businesses and Careers."

If you are Considering a move to this robust and diverse city, Michelle Marek's Team has prepared this information to help you make your final decision!

#1: Lowest Income Tax in the US: $0

Only seven states in the U.s. do not have an income tax, and Texas is one of them! Yeehaw! According to TurboTax, Americans paid an average of 9.9% in state and local taxes in 2019. When you combine The absence of state income tax combined with lower home prices and a sustainable cost of living, there is no wonder why Houston Real estate is stays so popular. Which brings us to the next reason...

#2 Big City, Low Cost of Living

A close second to being the first reason why you should move to Houston - The cost of living in Texas is more or less sustainable for the average person. Whether you consider Local Real Estate prices, utilities, transportation, or even the amount you will spend on your weekly trip to the grocery store. The cost of living in Houston Texas is more than 5% lower than the national average. This means that purchasing Real estate Here, allows you to make more money on your investment while also enjoying a higher standard of living.

#3: Large Professional Job Market with Diverse Industries.

Houston, TX is a major player in almost every aspect of the Oil and Gas industry, including exploration, production, transmission, marketing, service, supply, offshore drilling, and technology. This region of Texas employs 31% of all oil and gas extraction workers in the United States. If you want to work in the energy industry, Houston, TX is the place to Be!

Other major industries in the city include petrochemical, manufacturing, aerospace, Technology, biomedical research, and of course, Real Estate. You can Feel secure in this job market, as Houston's unemployment rate is 7.5 percent - lower than the national average of 8.6 percent.

#4 Plenty of athletic activities and Major Sports Teams

Houston and its surrounding metropolitan area have a vibrant professional sports and athletic community. Houston, TX offers residents a variety of sports teams, including NFL, NBA, and the 2022 MLB World Series Champions, The Houston Astros. Houston Sports Fans can also attend several Division 1 collegiate sports with one of the local tier 1 universities.

athletic Activities range from running or biking in Memorial Park or along the winding bayous to Hiking the trails in the Sam Houston National Forest. Houston also offers quick Beach or saltwater access in Galveston Bay for fishing and more!

#5: Prestigious Schools and Universities

The city of Houston ranked 88 in the list of most educated cities according to a study done by WalletHub - ABC13 Houston. The city is served by seventeen school districts, the largest of which is Houston Independent School District. It is the largest public school system in Texas, educating over 200,000 students in its facilities. There are also about 300 private schools in the city.

Houston TExas is also home to many notable colleges, including The University of Houston, a Tier One research university, Rice university, Houston Baptists University, University of St. thomas, and Texas Southern University.

so, let's recap - Why you should move to Houston, TX:

Houston continues to offer an impressive quality of life. Careers in tech, energy, medicine, and space exploration are expected to rise in demand and offer increasingly higher paying jobs over the course of the next few years. Endless entertainment, stellar educational systems, and an affordable cost of living are all influencing this major migration to Houston, TExas.

Michelle Marek specializes in consulting Buyers and Sellers in Houston, Texas. So if you are thinking about moving to Houston soon, Contact us or visit our website: We are always here to help and help you achieve your real Estate goals.

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